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Tales from Quarantine

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

So I started this blog about a year ago. I know you're probably asking yourself where in the world are the rest of the posts? Ah yes my friend. Usher in daily life and you get a life goal that was postponed for a year. Actually probably longer, but I'll start with a year.

As I mentioned, we have 4 kids...and now we're quarantined at home with them because of the COVID-19 outbreak around the country. I always wanted to be a stay at home mom. I wanted to be there all the time for my kids, dropping them off at school, picking them up, if they were sick being able to stay home with them, getting things done around the house to help minimize SOME chaos, but I haven't been. Quite the opposite.

Drops off were usually me ushering kids out the door screaming if they didn't put clothes on they were going to school naked because they had to get to school and I had to get to work. So when the Governor started to shut things down to help spread the virus I reluctantly closed my business. My business was deemed essential but putting my clientele, my staff, myself and my family at risk of exposure wasn't worth it to me. I would never have forgiven myself if in someway we had played a part in someone losing a loved one. So we closed. And I looked at it as an opportunity for all of us to stay out of harms way and I could take some time with my family. QUALITY time with my family. Uninterrupted, concentrated family time. Quarantine did not disappoint. We were all sick of each other the first day. The kids were fighting, whining, arguing and ate EVERY FREAKING THING IN THE HOUSE! Anyway, we are on day 900 (really it's day 21 of self-isolating, quarantine but it feels like 900 groundhog days) and we're finally getting into a rhythm. Even as I type this I'm not entirely sure I believe it.

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