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Lover of wine and coffee (god bless coffee) but not together, that's ludicrous! I will never turn down a dessert, I love anything cozy, and Martha Stewart is my hero. I'm obsessed with organization (though no aspect of my life is organized but I'll Pin the hell out of ideas) and I still daydream that Jake Ryan will one day show up outside of my house in

 a red Porsche. Please tell me you know who he is!?

I'm Melissa and I wanted to start this blog to share my reality of life as a mom. I know everyone has their story but whenever I share stories of my family people always seem to realize their situation isn't so bad after all. I  have 4 kids ranging from 13 years old - 2 1/2 years old. Yeah I know. We hit a sweet spot with our older kids and thought, well that was insane let's do it again. So we did.

And let me tell you, shit gets real in my house. Real fun, real crazy, real dirty but always real. I give myself some grace and do what I can but at the end of the day my house still looks like a disaster even if I spent all day cleaning.  

So sidle up. Grab a cup of coffee, glass of wine or martini no judgement! This is MY life.  This shits hard. Like when my husband was painting our daughters room and our son was going behind him drawing on the walls with a sharpie. My husband had headphones in and didn't notice. HARD! I like to find the humor in the beautiful chaos of my life. I can promise you there won’t be any photos posted claiming my house is perfect, my kids are immaculately dressed (this main photo is the only exception), always get along and a perfect meal prepared every night. That's too many lies to keep up with.

So sit back and join me, we're all in this shit show together and this blogs for you. 

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